Keezhedams of Guruvayur Temple

This shrine in Mammiyur amsom was closely associated with the extinct  Jamelliyur illam.The family enjoyed  the right of offering the paddy when the
procession headed for Guruvayur for the meena pooram, till the pooram celebration was stopped due to Tipu's invasion. Pana ( songs) in praise of the goddess    with the Thalapoli on the last night of  first 10 days of Makaram is still celebrated. Navarathri , Nira , Puthari, and mandala  pooja are also celebrated. Vishu vela is celebrated on the day following Vishu.

There is a big shrine dedicated to Ayyappa which belong to the Thamarayur illam, situated 2.5 Km north of the Guruvayur. The Vishnu temple is known as Sreekandapuram Vishnu temple. These are on the way to Punnathur Kotta. Pooram is celebrated here on the 1st day of  Makaram every year.
The shrine is located at Mundur, 16kms away from Guruvayur, on the Guruvayur -Thrissur route. The presiding deity here is Ayyappa. It is believed that on the Thiruvathira (Sixth asterism) day in the month of Kumbham (February - March) every year, Lord Ayyappa used to come to Guruvayur for Arattu which has stopped with the invasion of Tippu. Now there is only Niramala (adorning the whole Sreekovil with flower garland) on the first nine days of Makaram and on the tenth day both Niramala and Utsavam are celebrated by the Devaswom.

Vermanur is situated at Parakkulam near Kunissery in Palakkad district.   Parakkulam literally means the tank of rocks and the temple is on the eastern bank of the tank. It might have been either made over to Guruvayur Devaswom by the Zamorins or purchased by Guruvayur from him. The deity here is Shiva . Shivarathri and  Pradhishta Dinam (foundation day), Nira, Puthari  are important festivals.

The presiding deity is Sree Krishna. The temple is in Peruvallur, in the Annakara village, about 9 kms from Guruvayur. It is in the Peruvallur-Trichur road. Ashtami Rohini is the important festival.

It is in Kunnamkulam 8 kms away from Guruvayur on the Thrissur road. 
The deity is Shiva. There are two shrines within the same Chuttambalam. One is Swayambhu and in the other is the Linga . Both are worshipped by the same priest. Thiruvathira, Shivarathri and Pradhishta Dinam are the main festivals.

These two temples are situated 3.5 kms away from Guruvayur in a place called Punnathur. Punnathur was earlier the administrative center of the Punnathur Rajas, which was later purchased by the Devaswom in 1975. 
These two temples and about 10 acres of landed properties were taken from the receiver, Trichur Sub-Court. The main deities are Siva and Bhagavathy.  The Siva temple is also called the Thekke Ambalam and the Bhagavathy Temple is called the Pathirikottu Kavu. In the Bhagavathy temple, Navarathri Utsavam is celebrated. 

Nenmini is about 4 kms from Guruvayur towards the east of Guruvayur temple. There are two small temples separated by 500 meters. The main deities here are Balarama and Ayyappa. These temple were under Nenmini mana which were later handed over to Devaswom. 
In the Balarama temple every year Ashtami Rohini , Pradhishta Dinam and Vrishchika  pooja are celebrated. Vrishchika  pooja is celebrated from 1st to 12th of Vrishchikam every year. In the Ayyappa temple Pradhishta Dinam is Celebrated on Makayiram of Meenam month. 

This is one among the famous 108 Durga  temples in Kerala. 
Bhagavathy is the main deity. It is situated at Kaveed, 6 kms from Guruvayur, near to  Punnathur Kotta. Prathishta Dinam is celebrated here. Karkkidaka Pooja is another important event which is celebrated for 12 days.


It is situated on the Perinthalmanna - Nilamboor route , 60 kms away from Guruvayur at Poonthanam. Vishnu is the main deity here. But it is more famous for another deity of Lord Krishna, which was once worshipped by the great poet Poonthanam himself. The successors of Poonthanam Namboodiri gave this property to Guruvayur Devaswom. 


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