Other Temples situated in and around Guruvayur.


This temple is situated 1km north of Guruvayur temple. There is a common belief that one who visits Guruvayur temple should also visit Mammiyur to complete his pilgrimage. It has  prathishtas of Siva in Linga form and Parvathi in the form of bronze mirror image. Rudrabhishekam is the main offering.  


This shrine in Mammiyur amsom was closely associated with the extinct  Jamelliyur illam.The family enjoyed  the right of offering the paddy when the
procession headed for Guruvayur for the meena pooram, till the pooram celebration was stopped due to Tipu's invasion. Pana ( songs) in praise of the goddess    with the Thalapoli on the last night of  first 10 days of Makaram is still celebrated. Navarathri , Nira , Puthari, and mandala  pooja are also celebrated. Vishu vela is celebrated on the day following Vishu.


Sree Vadakkunnathan(Siva) Temple im the heart of Thrissur town is one of the most ancient graama - kshetras of Kerala with exquisite wood carvings and mural paintings. The main offering in the temple is Abhisheka with ghee(Neyyabhishekam) and is considered a cure for all types of disease especially for those relating to head.


The Sreerama temple, Kadavallur is famous for the great Anyonyam which comprises four rigorous tests to examine the proficiency of participants in Rigveda. Sreerama is worshipped in three forms, morning as in Vanavaasa, at noon as in SethuBandhana, and at night as the King of Ayodhya. The important offerings of the temple are Appam and Payasam.


Dhanvantharimoorthy is the Prathishta in the temple. The deity is worshipped by all for getting cure of diseasesof all kinds. The principle offerings of the temple are Vennachartal and Palpayasam.


The Sreerama temple at Thriprayar is very ancient. Here there is no Pratishta for Hanuman. The principle offerings are Vedi(fireworks) and meenoottu(feeding fishes) for Sreerama and Aval for Hanuman (considering the very presence of the deity along with SreeRama).


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