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the science af life, has been an intrinsic part of Kerala for thousands of years. It claims to being amongst the oldest and most comprehensive holistic healing methods of the world. Fundamentally Ayurveda as a system, is based up on the theory of perfect harmony of the 'Thridoshas' or three factors viz. 'Vatha' 'Pitha' and 'Kapha'. Ayurveda aims at restoring and maintaining the natural  equillibrium through a  judicial application of natural herbals, massages, special diets, body therapies etc.

Continuously pour the lukewarm oil on body by trained masseur and masseuse in rhythm. This treatment is effective for rheumatic diseases, nervous disorders, joint pain, sexual weakness etc.


Njavara rice make pudding with milk and other medicines. This pudding apply on the body in a lukewarm condition with cloth bags after dipping in the medicated milk solution. This is very much effective for hyper tension, all types of rheumatic complaints, joint and hip pains, numbness, skin disease, beauty care, improve body weight and to maintain health.


Continuous pouring of suitable medicated oil, milk or butter milk on the forehead in a special methord. Effective for mental disorders in five senses ect.

Herbal extracts or oil are applied through the rectum. This treatment is suitable for hemiplegia, gastric complaints, constipation, menstural disorders, arthritis and paralytic complaints etc.

Pour and hold the medicated oil in the head by fitting a special cap in the head. This treatment is effective for lack of sleep, facial paralysis, ear , throat and nose problems, headaches etc.


Application of medicines to nose by blowing. This is effective for disorders connected with head, headaches diseases related with ear nose and throat, etc.

Oral administration of medicated ghee in proportionally increased quantity under the strict supervision of the physician. This treatment is for osteo-arthritis, psoriasis, ulcers and other stomach related dieases etc.


Herbal leaves or powders in cotton bag applied on body with light pressure and medicated oil. This is the treatment for injuries, arthritis complaints, body swellings, spondylosis ect.

This treatment is for obesity, diabetic compalints, skin diseases etc. Body is massaged with special type of medicated oils for about 45 minutes with some special strokes.


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