PALABHISHEKAM NAVABHISHEKAM PANTIRADINAIVEDYAM & POOJA  (7 AM to 9 AM)  What follows is a series of abhishekams, first in the series being Palabhishekam or Kshirabhishekam or bathing in milk. Then the Navabhishekam is done with water filled in nine silver pots and sanctified with a course of Poojas. Pantiradi pooja is done when the shadow measures 12 feet.

DARSHAN (9AM to 11.30 AM)  Time is given to devotees for darshan. 

UCHA POOJA (Noon Pooja -11.30 AM to 12.30 PM)  Conducted at around 12 noon, it is the most important and elaborate pooja of the day. The naivedyam (Offering) consists of cooked rice and palpayasam (rice cooked in milk and sugar). Simultaneously, a Brahmin is seated in the temple kitchen and fed well. This custom is mandatory at this ritual.  


SIVELI (4.30 PM to 5 PM) The second procession of the Lord takes place at this time. 

DARSHAN (5 PM to 6.15 PM)  The time is given to the devotee for darshan.  

DEEPARADHANA (6.15 PM to 6.45 PM)  All the lamps in the temple are lighted and the Lord is worshipped with oil lamps and camphor flames. Conch shells are blown ,drums beaten, bells chimed and pipes played. The view of the Lord in full glory is visible from a very long distance itself. The Lord looks so marvelous amidst the lamps and that even a non-believer will have second thoughts.  

DARSHAN (6.45 PM to 7.30 PM) Devotees allowed for darshan.  

ATHAZHA POOJA & ATHAZHA NAIVEDYAM (7.30 PM to 8.15PM) The night worship is Athazha pooja and the offering made at that time is athazhanaivedyam. Appam and Ada (sweetened rice preperation), betel leaf and areca nut are offered at this time. 

ATHAZHA SIVELI (8.45 PM to 9.00 PM) The night procession, the third and last procession of the day takes place.
TRIPUKA & OLAVAYANA (9.PM to 9.15 PM)   Fumigation of the central shrine and temple with nine odoriferous gums in a silver tray is known as tripuka.Ola vayana is the customary function of reading out day's income and expenditure before the Lord.

The Srikovil closes at 9.15 p.m.



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