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the science af life, has been an intrinsic part of Kerala for thousands of years. It claims to being amongst the oldest and most comprehensive holistic healing methods of the world. Fundamentally Ayurveda as a system, is based up on the theory of perfect harmony of the 'Thridoshas' or three factors viz. 'Vatha' 'Pitha' and 'Kapha'. Ayurveda aims at restoring and maintaining the natural  equillibrium through a  judicial application of natural herbals, massages, special diets, body therapies etc.

                    PANCHAKARMA (Rejuvenation/Purification Therapy)

This is a combination of different type of KAYACHIKILSA treatments. Types of treatment vary from person to person after consultation with the physician. This is a preventive treatment and protects the body from diseases by building up stamina and vitalizes the body.

It covers five categories of treatment vamanam, (vomiting) virechana (clearing) swedam (sweat) nasyam (nasal) and raktha moksham (purification); each have various types of treatment according to the person and problems viz, dhara, kizhi, pizhchil, nasiam, vasti, swedam etc... . This is decided by the Physician; also he prescribe the medicines, diet and life style during the treatment period, known as ‘pathya’.


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