South India is famous for its temples, churches and mosques. These are not only a place for worship but a tremendous treasure of culture, arts and heritage. The pilgrim centers are Sabarimala, Guruvayur, Jewish Synagogue, Madurai, Thanjavoor etc. Backwaters in Kerala are the network of canals, rivers, lagoons, big lakes and the deltas of 44 rivers. They are the part of rich heritage of Kerala.

To experience Kerala, best way is backwater cruise. A boat ride will give a glimpse of traditional life style of the village folk scenes of men and women working in the fields humming folksongs, village temples lit up for the evening rituals and so on The village life of Kerala is green and natural. The pulse of the villages is visible in its cottage industries like coir, handloom, wood & carving, pottery etc. The paddy fields surrounded by the coconut  trees, rubber, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom plantations etc. and the mangroves is the green magic. Every village in Kerala  has something special to offer. Spicy & non spicy, vegetarian & non vegetarian Kerala kitchen specialists are now world famous.

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